Wednesday, June 27, 2018

More Ocracoke

We had a lovely night at anchor on Silver Lake - great breeze and cool temps.

At 6AM, Jerry and Donna let us know there was a space on the National Park Service dock open - so we quickly hoisted the anchor and moved over to the dock.

 We attended the SCOO (Sailing Club of Oriental) happy hour for drinks, lovely snacks and good conversation.  I forgot my phone, so no photos, but you get the idea.

The plan for the next day was a pot-luck dinner, so I got busy with my offering - sushi! 

The usual process - get everything sliced and diced.  Sticky rice cooled.

Starting the assembly process.

This one is a veggie only roll.  Cream cheese, cucumbers, peppers and carrots.

Starting the roll, getting it as tight as possible.

Finished roll.  Ready to be chilled well and sliced later.

Same process of the raw tuna rolls.

All finished and ready.

The veggie ones -

And the tuna ones (appropriately labeled for those folks that care.

A morning bike ride around the island with the group.  To the lighthouse.

A nature walk to Springers Point.

And more biking out to the beach.

A fun walk on the beach.

And before we knew it, it as getting late.  The weather looked like it might rain, so the plans were changed a bit.  No pot-luck tonight.....and since the sushi wouldn't really stay fresh an extra day, we decided to have "happy hour" on our boat....everything laid out.

Add wonderful folks and you have a party!!

 I'm sure this is the most "weight" we've ever had on the boat....look at how far down in the water we're setting!!

 The next morning, we were all invited over to BlueJacket for breakfast....Donna out-did herself once again.  Look at all that lovely food!  (And lovely lady too!!)

We all left stuffed to the gills and with an extra plate of goodies.

And next on the agenda was clamming!!

Just 5 of us went - Bill and Chris

And myself, Diane and Irene.

We had a blast digging in the sand for the clams.

Here's our haul!  Yum, tonight's pot-luck will include these yummy specimens!   Fun trip so far!

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