Thursday, July 12, 2018

Engines removed!

The mechanics came to the boat this morning and got busy right away.

First, they taped down cardboard on the floors so they wouldn't make a mess as they were coming/going.

One of the engines ready for removal.

The mechanics determined that the engine would fit thru the large hatch above the berths. 

So they removed the hatch cover and prepped the hole with protective material.

The fork lift in place to hoist the engine.

Engine  1 out!   Repeat on the other side.

We'll clean up the engine compartments and await the arrival of our new saildrives from England.   We'll have to drive to RDU cargo terminal and pick them up as soon as they clear customs.  (You can see the saildrive transmission still mounted in this photo.  Duane will remove them and prep for reinstallation of the new ones.)

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  1. ...kraft paper is always a good idea in situations like this...