Thursday, July 26, 2018


We've been waiting and waiting and waiting for the saildrives.  Long story....

We were tracking them on the United Airlines cargo website.  They got stuck at Washington-Dulles airport for a couple of days for no apparent reason.

Then they arrived Tuesday to RDU, but didn't get positioned where we could pick them up.

Finally on Wednesday they were at the cargo terminal and we thought we could go pick them up with a visit to US Customs for paperwork and to pay our duty tax.  So off to RDU we drove.

The US Customs visit didn't go well - although I was extremely polite, the officers were rude and curt.  It appears that any items over $2500 being imported require a certified broker to clear customs.  No one had told me that.....

So, after a million phone calls sitting in the pickup at RDU, I finally found a broker in NY that could handle the paperwork for me (it's just ONE piece of paper that Customs stamps!!).   We drove home and emailed the broker the paperwork he needed along with a "Power of Attorney" so that he could act in our place.   $500 and a couple of hours later, he sent us the ONE piece of paper from Customs that we needed to be able to pick up the saildrives.

Yay!!  We drove back to the air cargo location....

And a few minutes later we have the long awaited boat parts!

Getting late, we'll paint these babies with special epoxy paint tomorrow!

And just so you'll remember what our old ones look like, haha....


  1. What an ordeal!! Aviation reference: are you on downwind or is this final?? HaHA MOM

  2. Haha, I think we just turned left base!! Still a bunch to do. love, K