Thursday, July 19, 2018

Replacing some striping

Strangely, a section of the pin-striping on Sojourn is peeling.  It's just on the starboard side and just the striping behind the chainplate.  We have no idea why it's doing this.  The rest of the striping is fine.

You can see the difference between one side and the other here.

So I got the heat gun out and started the removal process.  Only burned my finger once, haha.

All removed.  I had to use denatured alcohol and scrubby pad to remove the residue.

With Duane's help holding the tape straight, it was pretty easy to put back in place.

Every day, we ride the ferry from/to the boat.

Last night we were in front so it was more fun.

And sometimes the wind is just right - these seagulls just spread their wings and hovered over the boat, dipping and diving for the whole 20 minutes.  They never seemed to flap their wings.  Neat. 

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  1. ...nice crisp new lines...pretty...I didn't know you were ferrying back and forth each day...looks like fun too...