Sunday, July 8, 2018

Bottom paint

We've been working hard on the boat for the past couple of days.....lots and lots and lots of sanding.....

Since the bottom gets painted every couple of years, a buildup of paint is inevitable.  So, we're trying to remove some of it...unfortunately there are areas that are "flaking" because of the buildup.  So, we're having to sand these areas as smooth as we can. 

It's a messy, tedious process....2 full sanding days and we're about 1/2 way done. 

But every night, we time our exit so that we can catch the ferry to Minnesott!  So  we always have little relaxing sojourn at the end of the day!


  1. ...whew...that does look like a lot of work...are you just painting the blue part?



  2. Yes, just the blue part. That's the part that's underwater. The special blue paint keeps the barnacles and algae from growing for about 2 years. The white part is "gel coat" and doesn't require paint. Love, K