Thursday, October 18, 2018

Provisioning for the winter trip

We plan to be gone on our upcoming Bahamas trip for about 6 months.  That's a long time!!  Since groceries and toiletries are very expensive in the Bahamas, we are trying to get as much accumulated on the boat as possible before we leave.

We plan to cruise south to areas that are not well-stocked with grocery stores and it is also just a royal pain to "slog" groceries to the boat in the dinghy.  So we're minimizing that while we're comfortably at our home dock.  

We eat a lot of canned tuna - mostly just a quick snack mid-day when we don't want a real meal, easy-quick and very filling.   In particular we only like the solid white Albacore variety.   We found it on sale for $1.06 a can - which is a great price - and bought them out!  This is not the final storage spot for these....working thru that as we haul stuff onboard.

And the other thing I struggled with last year was my dry goods.  I had bags of flour/sugar stashed but didn't bring any canisters.  My canisters at home are round and that just doesn't use precious space on the boat very well.  I found these square ones and they're just perfect for our storage shelves.  

We did finally get a Foodsaver Vacuum sealer.  Working with that now to put some meat in the freezer too.  All for now!

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