Thursday, October 4, 2018

Busy, busy

We've been busy at home doing a list of chores.

One big chore was to sew the long-awaited "sling seat".

Remember this is what it will look like in general - but not dark green!

So time to get started!

Rolled out the Phifertex material and started measuring, marking and cutting.

This is a closeup of the material - its a vinyl coated weave that allows water to soak thru and doesn't retain any moisture.  An important factor since this will be exposed to the elements.   Very strong and heavy.

I won't bore you with the step-by-step.  But it was lots and lots of straight long stitches!  The new machine handled it well - just a few times were difficult when I had 8 layers to sew thru at the corners. 

I was pleased with the long zipper installation.  It's been a long time since I've sewn a zipper!

The finished zipper placard ready to be sewn into the big box cushion edge.

I ordered a special "dry fast" open cell foam that allows water to just pour right thru it without soaking in.  Cut it to size with an electric knife.

Here's the finished box cushion cover ready for "stuffing".

And here's the cushion all ready.  I'm pretty pleased with this first time attempt!  (Gotta give Duane lots of credit because he helped the entire time with holding and moving this heavy material.  Couldn't have done it without his help!)   We'll be at the boat soon and you'll get to see the finished installation!

 And this has nothing to do with sailing,  but we did take a break and flew home to visit the folks.

Approaching Asheville Airport....pretty fall day.  And I completely forgot to snap any other photos!  Later....

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