Thursday, October 11, 2018

Cover for the dinghy motor

Our sunbrella dinghy motor cover had blown off when we went thru the heavy wind/seas on our way to Ocracoke several months ago.  

Just getting around to replacing it.  It's important because we often get backed into a boat or dock with swells or just random moving around.  Without a cover, the motor will get scuffed and/or scuff whatever it's up against. 

I started before hurricane Florence  when we had the dinghy on the trailer.  It was much easier to make a pattern on the ground than with it hanging mid-air off the back of the boat!

I just took kraft paper and wrapped/taped the motor to make a pattern.  

Then I cut the pattern out.

I ordered the "Sapphire" color of sunbrella to match all the other items on the boat.  I cut out the pieces, adding extra allowance for the darts to make it more fitted.

Just assembled it with basting stitches and fitted it wrong side out.   After I had it fitted, I re-stitched it to make it stronger.

Fitted pretty nice - doesn't have to be perfect, just needs to stay on this time!!

Added a drawstring at the bottom and pieces of the reflective fabric.

I turned the flash on so you can see the reflection - we should be visible in the dark if someone shines a light on us!  Also, our friends lost their dinghy in the Bahamas at night - and couldn't find it after hours of searching.  We figure that the reflective tape might help in that case also.

Pretty pleased with it!

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