Monday, October 15, 2018

Cleanup and a little sailing friend's music

We spent a couple of days cleaning up our other lot- chainsawed a couple more trees and hauled the wood and brush out to the main road for FEMA pickup. 

Funny story...we got a "little bit" stuck with our van on the lot.  We had parked the van with the trailer attached in an area that didn't have any gravel.  It was still wet/soggy from the remnants of Hurricane Michael....and one of the front wheels bogged down.

While trying to extricate ourselves, I unfortunately decided I might assist by pushing.....and got rewarded by a bunch of black mud splattered all over the van and myself!

Strangely, the mud was about body temperature and I didn't really realize it was all over me until Duane told me!

We ended up jacking up the van and put some boards under the tire since we didn't have another vehicle for a tug/tow.  

Got cleaned up and went back into Oriental to hear our new friends Bentley and Jim from the Manta "Salty Paws" play at the New Village Brewery.  Enjoyed hearing their Irish folk songs.

After their performance, the "4 Manta couples" had a nice visit and a fun meal together.  Great to meet like-minded folks!

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  1. ...sorry you got stuck and muddy...but it looks like you handled it all cheerfully...