Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Making a new storage stool for the salon table

Our salon has an L-shaped settee -  we don't have extra seating for the other side of the table.

Lots of folks have stools - so I shopped for those.  Specifically stools with storage inside since space is at a premium on the boat!!

This is a photo I grabbed from a similar boat.   These stools are nice, but they're too short.  You feel like your elbows are being pulled up if you sit near the table on them.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a stool tall enough to purchase online.   Most were in the 16" tall range.   The table needs something in the 19-20" range to be comfortable.

Since I have a resident handy-man, I asked him to make me one of course!

Before I knew it, he had the basic structure done.  Just scrap material.  

I went up in the attic and found an old blanket to use as batting.  Measured and cut to fit.

Stapled the blanket material around the  box.

 I had gone to the local thrift shop and found some cool fabric -  $1.50!

I pieced it together to wrap the box tightly.

Then we pulled the fabric tight and stapled it in place.

Next was the lid/seat.   Duane made the frame out of some old plywood and some pine boards.
We cut out a cushion for the top out of the left-over foam from the sling seat.

Made a "box" out of fabric  for the lid.

Fabric stretched and stapled in place.

All done!

Will try it out in the next few days when we get back to the boat!

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  1. ...hmmmnnn...I was sure I already commented on this post...but the stool is'll be perfect in place...