Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Replacing the enclosure clear vinyl

We're back home for a little while - we both have dentist appointments and our annual physicals over the next week.

I brought all the panels from our enclosure that we had made in Texas home with me.  The basement was sparkling clean when we left the end of July.  In a matter of minutes, it was trashed with sewing "bits"....the replacement panels are looking good and the sewing machine is doing great thru 6-8 layers of Sunbrella and 30 gauge vinyl!

And we arrived home with the zinnia's in full bloom.  So pretty and easy and free.  I simply pluck off the dried blooms/seedpods every fall and put them in a big baggie.  Then I sow them in the spring. 

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  1. ....can't wait to see the spiffy new enclosure...and your zinnias are beautiful...I love zinnias...