Sunday, August 19, 2018

In the water again!!

Finally time for the schedule "launch" at Jarrett Bay.

The big 200 ton Travel-lift approaching.

The crew getting the straps ready to go under Sojourn.  They wrap them in plastic for each haul to keep the yucky mucky mud off the boat.

Lifted and ready to make the trek to the water!

Down she goes!

We hop on with Dustin from Western Branch Diesel for our sea-trial of the new engines.

Everything was great with the new engines, just one small oil leak, easily fixed.  We dropped Dustin back at the dock and headed back "home" to Oriental.

The usual traffic on the Intercoastal Waterway.

And fishing boats out in the Neuse River.

But before we could get back to our dock, a bad storm was approaching.  So, we dropped the anchor in about 30 knots of wind and waited it out just at the entrance to Broad Creek.

Lightning and thunder all around but 10 minutes later it had passed us.

And we're back!!   We were making 8.2 knots (boat speed) at 2400 RPM - really good comparing to our previous engine/saildrive/prop setup so we're really pleased!

And one last ferry ride to pick up our van down at Jarrett Bay - won't really miss that daily chore!  Good to be back in the water.

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  1. glad all is well...Sojourn looks brand new...