Monday, August 27, 2018

Bag for the new sewing machine

I plan on taking the (very heavy) sewing machine to the boat.  I will soon make the "sling seat" and just want the machine on the boat in general for repairs while underway this fall.

I don't think I posted about this, but Duane used my Mom's old Kenmore machine as a pattern to make a stand/box for my new machine.  They are almost identical in size.  (I used this old machine all thru college, it's a great old machine but only does a straight stitch.  At some point in my 20's I bought a zig zag machine and this old machine has been toted around to all the places we've lived since them as a bit of nostalgia.)

Here's what he made.

It's hinged and allows you to get to the underside for oiling.

But I needed a way to carry and store the heavy machine.  This is what Mom's machine looks like with the enclosure on.  It's pretty bulky - so I didn't think I wanted that on the boat.  Just no place available to store it.

 So, I decided to make a canvas bag instead.

Just made a standard "box".  The canvas had a tendency to ravel, so I zig-zag stitched every edge to minimize that.  

 All done with a couple of pockets for the foot pedal, thread, etc.

All finished!  This will fit in my cabinet on the boat easier than a hard shell would.

The sucker is still heavy though!!

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  1. What an AWESOME stand Duane made...and the bag're so good at making bags... the photo of Mom's old sewing machine...