Friday, August 31, 2018


We attended to our physicals in Chapel Hill then loaded up for the trip back to the boat. 

Set out right away for Ocracoke - the winds were great and we wanted to beat the crowd to the dock for the Labor Day weekend.

Must be shrimp season because the fishing boats were out in force!  The seas were a little "lumpy" with a good bit of side-to-side motion, but the winds were great and we made record time.

But we got a very late start and the sun set before we got to the dock.

But we're familiar with the area, so it was no big deal.   And strangely, there was only one other boat at the dock when we arrived!  It will be difficult at times to get a dock here now - the NPS has closed over half of the dock locations to make room for a new passenger ferry.  A real bummer.

Sharon and Buddy arrive tomorrow - so let the Ocracoke fun begin!

Little video snippet of the sail over....

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