Sunday, August 12, 2018

Checked back at the boat after a few days at Topsail Beach

We spent a few relaxing days with my sis and her family at Topsail Beach.

Meanwhile, back at the boat....the workers had been a bit busy in our absence!

The aluminum welder did a fabulous job welding the frame for my "sling seat".

Aren't those weld joints lovely?

Welding aluminum - a skilled worker did this!

Here's a photo from the Bahamas when we were visiting with other Mantas.

Duane and Ed sitting on the sling seat on Now and Zen.  Best seat in the house and I knew I had to have one installed on Sojourn!

Anyway, this is what the seat will look like once I get some foam/material to make the actual seat.

Thanks to a great FB page for Mantas, I've got lots of  photos of similar boats with their seats installed.   I'll be making mine in white mesh to match our cockpit cushions.  I'll have to get my exact design mapped out soon.

And ONE of our engines is in the engine room....but the mechanics haven't finished installing it yet.  We'll see on Monday how they progress!

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