Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Taking off the ugly netting

The previous owners had a tiny dog on board and had installed an intricate netting all around the lifelines to keep her "safe" when out on the deck.

We kept the netting on for our trip thru the Bahamas.   I was thinking, well, why not?  It's already there and it might "catch" something that had gotten loose on the deck.

But I started to hate it!  It interfered with the cleats and it generally just looked "yucky" and not "ship shape"....

The netting had been on the boat many years - it was a tedious procedure to cut/unwind all the attaching strings. 

All fresh and clean!  And those cleats are accessible like they should be!

"Before" shot.

And the "after" shot.  Much cleaner looking, I think!

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