Saturday, May 5, 2018

Home Dock

We left Morehead City in the morning....passing the shipping dock we saw this ship with huge turbine blades...I assume they're for windmills, but not sure.  These ships are usually about 900-1000' long, so those blades would have to be 200-300' long each. 

More familiar sights as we start the intercoastal trek to Oriental.

Core Creek bridge - glad our mast is only 62' now.  This bridge gave us fits when we were in Glory Days because it was often too low for us to pass due to wind driven water and tides.

Oriental in the distance - it's been a long time since we've seen this view!

Sojourn at "home" for the first time!   Now to do lots and lots of cleaning and boat chores!

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  1. ...we used to see those being trucked into ND...they would close the interstate for it...

    ...good to see Sojourn at home...