Friday, May 4, 2018

Back in NC!

We left St. Simons Island inlet (near the Ga/Fl border) 3 days ago.

Pretty lighthouse at St. Simons.

Sunset across the open ocean.  Beautiful flat seas and just enough wind.  Motorsailed all night on one engine.

I awaoke at about 7am (Duane was on watch) to "Fish on!"  Quickly jumped up an reeled this pretty "Little Tunny" in.  (Note the long was actually chilly in the wind - we're not used to that!

Nice size fish.

 Sushi!  It was great.  I'd read that these fish were not particularly good eatin - but I beg to differ!

Approaching the Charleston inlet there were lots of "hits" on the radar (the red blobs).  Cargo ships anchored 10-15 miles out.  I assume they were waiting their turn in port....

Note the glassy water!

I could see workers on all these ships.  Many looked like they were doing chores, grinding and painting.

Pretty sunset.

Then pretty sunrise!  Looks all the same.  Note the water is not so smooth now.

We were joined by some dolphins!  They stayed with us for about 5 minutes. 

That's about it for the trip!  Was great not to have to be "on alert" like on the intercoastal waterway. It would have taken about 10 days to do the trip "inside" since we wouldn't do any night travel.

Arrived late in the evening to Beaufort, NC.

Anchored near Morehead City and will continue to Oriental in the morning!!

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  1. That is some crazy calm glass...

    ...and another pretty sunset!