Sunday, May 6, 2018

Boat chores

Not a lot of interesting things going on in Oriental....just cleaning the boat and getting settled in the slip.  Since this boat has never been here before, we had to set up all the dock lines to make sure the boat sits safely in the center in all wind conditions.   A tedious but necessary task.

The boat is salty and dirty from 6 months with no unlimited water supply for cleaning.

I spent pretty much the entire day scrubbing and rinsing the decks, washing clothes, etc.  Love my little washer/dryer - sure beats lugging clothes to the laundromat!

When we had gotten all the coiled docklines out of this compartment, Duane noticed that the dryer vent tube had come I shimmied into the compartment.  It's a large compartment inside, but the opening is small and it's really claustrophobic while inside. 

Here I am laying down inside the compartment - I'd already put the vent hose back in place and secured it tightly with a tie-wrap.  Hope it stays put because that was no fun!!

That's about it....just lots of little necessary chores!

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