Saturday, September 7, 2019

Making fender/bumper covers

Years ago I used some jersey material to cover our "big" bumper.  It worked amazingly well - helps keep the side of the boat clean when the bumper is up against yucky docks.  But the sun and some harsh pilings have just about exhausted it's usefulness.

Here it is on our old catamaran over 4 years ago.    We left several other covered bumpers  with the boat when we sold it, but we took the big one with us!

This time, I found some strange, stretchy, thick blue-jeans like material at the thrift store - exactly what I was looking for!  Amazing how that works sometimes.  It even matches our Sapphire Blue sunbrella material which I think of as a dusky-blue.

Easy-peasy - just rough-cut the size.

And sewed a "tube".  Ended up taking another seam to make it nice and snug.

Don't want it to be droopy!

Then just made a pocket and threaded a string to tie it tight on the ends.

All done! 

I did three smaller ones and the one large one.  (I didn't bring all the bumpers home with me).  The large one required a seam on one end because I didn't have enough material otherwise.  Fun project while we waited out Hurricane Dorian at home!

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