Thursday, September 12, 2019

Home stuff

We're in that home/chores then back to the boat cycle. 

My sis commented that we have such good neighbors - yep. 

After Duane got the "tar wagon" covered up with tarps, he borrowed John's bucket truck for a little while longer to clean out the gutters on the hangar.  This time, there were no pine trees growing in the gutters!

Then we borrowed the White's bob-cat to spread some mulch from their property.  (They've got a big pile of mulch from their tree removal that they want to get rid of).

And the next day we were up for more mulch - so borrowed John's Kubota tractor.

 Here's a "before" photo of the side yard "natural area"  AKA "the area that won't grow grass".

And later that day - everything around the house has a nice thick (and free $$) coating of mulch!  Thanks neighbors!

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