Thursday, September 5, 2019

Bahamas - Hurricane Dorian

Remember our friends Will and Rita that have the lovely Horizon 52 powerboat "Magic" that we met in the Ragged Islands and later visited them  in the Abacos?  They let us tie up in their extra slip on Scotland Cay - Dick and Lindy flew in to the adjoining airport to join us for the week there.

The hurricane was not kind to them.  I found a video that showed the damage - their boat was washed thru the marina and up on the road - I got a note from Rita yesterday that the flybridge on the boat is gone and it's likely not repairable.  They haven't heard anything about their house there yet.   Luckily, they are safe and sound at their summer home in the NC mountains!

So sad - the destruction of the hurricane will take years and years for recovery.

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