Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Gap filler

We've always had this "gap" between the cockpit and the storage boxes (the red line in the photo).  When I'm up on the sling seat with a Ipad or Kindle, I'm always afraid I might drop them (or fall asleep while reading....)  Anything dropped from above would likely be irrecoverable in the water below. 

The solution is to fill the gap!  Just now got around to it. 

Used the same Phifertex mesh that we used for the sling seat.  This will allow any water to simply fall thru.

I sewed in zippers to allow easy access to the fuel/water ports.  Now anything dropped from above will be caught in the net!  An added bonus is that we can stash stuff in the net also although when underway we usually don't have much stuff in the cockpit.


  1. ...perfect solution...as always...

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