Saturday, August 3, 2019

Beyond burgers grilled on the boat

Richard had given me a package of Beyond burgers.   They're completely plant based and really look a lot like a regular burger.  (if you're concerned about the 7/16 sticker - I had frozen them and toted them to the boat)

They really do look like hamburger meat!

Sprinkled some salt and spice on top and fired up the grill.  The "meat" was a little more tender than I'm used to so you had to be really careful flipping the burgers.

Turned out very nicely.  They were good tasting but fell apart just a bit while we were eating them.  Duane liked them well enough but I suspect he'd prefer the real thing!  Just because of the flimsy texture I believe I prefer the Aldi vegan patties over these.  Plus Richard said these were pretty "spendy".

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  1. Hey K,
    ...yep...we've tried them...they're kind of spendy...and I prefer Boca burgers over them too...