Friday, August 30, 2019

Back to the boat - Ocracoke Labor Day

Labor Day is approaching and we've had a long-standing plan to sail to Ocracoke for our usual Labor Day long weekend with Buddy/Sharon and the folks from Greenville.  The tradition is waning a bit as we've lost one of the participants and the kiddo's have flown the coop.  This year it was to be just 3 couples - us, Sharon/Buddy and Rich/Jeannine. 

Off we sailed (motored) - had close contact with 3 ferries this trip!

A sunset sail just leaving Silver Lake as we were entering the channel.

But Sharon and Buddy have made the decision to stay at their house in Florida because Hurricane Dorian is threatening.....hope all is well for them!!

Sojourn got the last spot on the face dock at the NPS docks.  Looks like Ocracoke will be crowded this weekend!

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  1. ...looks like you're going to have gorgeous weather...have FUN!