Thursday, November 1, 2018

Home Made SCUBA Soft Weights

Crossing off more chores before we head south.

We're taking SCUBA gear with us this year....underwater play will be so much better!

One of the things we hate are the hard lead weights that you have to strap to your waist.  If you're not familiar, this is what they look like.  Imagine 4 or 5 of them riding on your hip from a bulky belt.  Not terrible, but there is a solution - soft weights.

You can buy them, but of course it's easy to make them and much cheaper.  We ordered 50 lbs of "lead shot" - apparently from a shooting range.....I used a postal scale to measure out 8 ounce increments.

I made little bags out of my "Food Saver" vacuum seal blanks.  Filled them with various numbers of pounds of shot and slightly vacuum sealed to take out the air but leave them flexible still.

Then I made sleeves of netting to slip the bags into.

All done!   Did 50 lbs worth in varying weights from 2 to 5 lbs.  They don't have to be nicely finished since they won't be visible in the weight belt.

 Waiting on a store-bought weight belt with pockets to be delivered.  (Was going to make that too but for $20 I can get a finished product and it was going to be alot of trouble and material would cost almost that much!)  These will slip nicely into the belt pockets and we'll have a much more comfy dive belt!

This is what the belt looks like - should be great!

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