Saturday, November 24, 2018

Beach walk

Robert drove us over to Little Talbot Island State Park for a little hike.  There is a 4 mile loop trail that leads thru a "hammock".

Quiet and peaceful - and no bugs!

Saw this turtle (or tortoise?) "scampering away".  His shell was about a foot long.

And the trail lead out to the beach - called "driftwood beach".  The beach is being naturally eroded - so recently alive trees are still standing in the surf.

The ocean was a bit churned-up, but the temps were very pleasant.

Back at the marina, Now and Zen has their lights fully functional now.

All ready for the Saturday night boat parade!


  1. Hey K,
    We've been to Little Talbot...I think Rafe said that was the beach where they made the album cover to 38 special...ask Duane if he remembers it...the boat decorations are pretty...and the parade sounds like fun...

  2. Hey T - we haven't been to the riverwalk yet....folks here are saying that it's really run-down and they're getting ready to demolish it and build new! Amazing what time does....Love, K