Thursday, March 31, 2016

Boat Chores

We cancelled plans to go to Ocracoke over just looked too wet and uncomfortable.  There will be lots of better weekends to go to Ocracoke!

So, we flew down to Oriental Saturday when the weather was decent.  Duane got to log an actual ILS approach at New Bern!

Foggy marina.....

Pat and Diane drove down to the marina to do some chores on their boat.

 Pat needed to go to the top of his mast to replace his anchor light bulb.  So, we obliged by winching him up in the bosun's chair!

Up, up, up!

He stayed up there for about an hour - we made several runs to the hardware store/West Marine to get the right bulb....and it drizzled rain off/on the entire time!  But, the winds were mostly calm and pretty warm temps.

A good, productive few days - we did a lot of cleaning on our boat.....since it's now for sale!   :-(

But, we're shopping hard for the bigger, better version!!!

Here's the cleaned up salon - and if you've been on the boat lately and seen all our junk, you'll be impressed!  Had to get it all spiffy for the broker's photos!

 We stuck around and did chores until Tuesday -  we pulled into the hardware store parking lot and saw this Tracker parked there.  I had to look close to make sure it wasn't Miranda!!! 

Uneventful but very bumpy/windy flight home!

Still shopping for that next boat, but will still have fun on Island Girl until we sell her!


  1. You sure do stay busy. Boat looks good. MOM

  2. I love a good foggy day...maybe not for working outside though...just cozying up and reading...Island Girl looks beautiful and I hope she finds a new home quickly...