Saturday, March 12, 2016

TracVision on the boat tied to Dish Network

It's hard to believe after all these years of not using a TV on the boat, we decided to have one on the catamaran!

We probably wouldn't have done it except for the fact that the previous owner had installed a very expensive mobile satellite receiver on the mast....and we could tie that into a TV.  The added bonus is that Dish Network will let you receive their signal for just $7 a month (added to our home system bill, of course).

The only issues would be some cabling and figuring out a way to mount the TV.  Of course, handy Duane accomplishes this with apparent ease.

He designed and welded this framework .

And fabricated some hinges

This is where the TV will be mounted - in front of the removable panel for the avionics.

Framework partially installed.

Framework and latch installed - cords for power and HDMI cable will snake out from this area.

Here's a closeup of the neat "lock" he built.  It just keeps the TV snug against the wall when not in use.   Closed:

And open - allowing us to swing the TV for better viewing angle.

TV mounted and wired.

TV locked against the wall.

And TV pulled out for viewing from the salon seating.  Duane rocks!

And there you go!  It will be a nice addition on the boat!

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