Thursday, March 17, 2016

A little boat shopping

This is a continuation of the aborted trip we were going to make a couple of weeks ago to the Bahamas (when our airplane broke...)

The boat we wanted to look at has sailed back from the Bahamas and is now in St. Augustine, FL.

So, after repairing the airplane, we flew to St. Augustine to have a look at the boat.

In the photos on Yachtworld, the boat looked to be in pretty good shape.  These are MY photos - and they look pretty good too.....unfortunately, they lie.  The boat is in pretty horrible shape.  

Sortof hard to explain, since the photos look OK.

It's all just in the details that you don't see upclose in the photos.

So, we will NOT be buying that boat.....we'll look at others but for now, we'll just enjoy Island Girl!

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