Friday, March 25, 2016

Another South Florida Boat Shopping Trip

We flew down to Ft. Lauderdale to look at another boat....this time a Leopard 38.  But I won't even show you photos of that one because it was not what we were looking for.  A nice enough layout, but this particular boat was worn and had damage due to running into a power line.  We thought it was electrical damage, but it turned out to have actual hull damage too.  Just too much to worry about the compromise of the we just took a quick tour of it and left.

So, we got a nice hotel room, had a nice meal.  But, we had flown almost 800 we looked up another boat close-by - 90 miles away in Ft. Pierce.  It's a Lagoon 37 TPI.  It's an older boat - but we are considering this one.  By far the best one we've seen.

Huge open salon area.

Real teak floors.

The galley is in the port hull.  A bit dated looking but very functional.  Duane is standing in the owner's berth.   It's nice and roomy.

Looking down from the salon into the galley.

Looking towards the starboard side.

This is a huge double door pantry in the starboard side hull.  Lot's of storage areas on this boat!

And here are the outside photos.   It's in pretty good shape for it's age.

The boat's name - Ahyoka - is a Cherokee word meaning "She Brought Happiness".  

So, a nice productive trip - back to Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport - we were treated very nicely at World Jet FBO.  You see how they live up to their name....lot's of jet's lining the ramp.  

Uneventful but breezy flight home.....that's a theme for March I believe - it's living up to it's "In like a Lion" fame.  I'm waiting on the "Lamb" to show up!

Home just in time for a lovely sunset!


  1. Nice quick trip...pretty boat...too bad it wasn't what you wanted...



  2. Maybe this one will work out. Does look very "livable". MOM