Tuesday, July 21, 2015

More sun protection

This sun is brutal!! 

We have windows all around the salon area - and these let in a LOT of heat, particularly early morning and late afternoon when the sun is at an angle.

The windows already have a nice see-through covering material that snaps on to the boat.  This filters some of the sun's rays, but not nearly enough!

The sun shines through that material.

So, I got the idea from new friends Willard and QP - use store-bought automotive sunshades and cut them to fit!  (The window bends around the front of the boat, so I have to put a "bend" into the finished product!)

I used some left-over Sunbrella material from the dinghy chaps to sew reinforcements  at the seams.

And I used the same material to bind all the cut edges.

All I have to do is partially take off the existing shade - and slip the new solid panel in place.

Here's the inside view - already cooler!

All buttoned up - we'll just remove it each time we go sailing.  Takes just a minute! 

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