Monday, July 6, 2015

Another busy day!

We went for a nice sail with Pat in his new boat.

Pat is having a whole lot of fun so far!  

Nice sail from Oriental down Adam's Creek.  We found a nice spot to anchor for lunch.

We used his alcohol stove for the first time to boil up some hot dogs.  Interesting and simple stove!

Ummm, he doesn't have any utensils on the boat!  We improvised - washed some pliers - they worked great for getting the hot dogs out of the boiling water!

First  "cooked" meal on the boat!


After the hot dogs, we headed back to Oriental.  Pat and Duane experimented with his beautiful, colorful asymmetrical  spinnaker.  I was at the helm for this experiment - it ended up being too no pretty photos yet!

We had been invited over to Pat's new friend Willard and his wife Q.P.'s boat for dinner.  They are starting a live-aboard adventure on their sailboat Freya. 

 Q.P. is from China (her full name is Qingping)  - Willard taught English there several years ago.   She cooked a fabulous meal for us!

 The guys were on deck looking at the boat while I talked to Q.P. while she was cooking.

Look at that wonderful food!  Q.P. was careful of my mammal-meat allergy.  So nice!

Q.P. and Willard - wonderful hosts!

And then we wandered as a group around the marina - a wonderful end to a wonderful day! 


  1. Wonderful friends! QP is very slow to come out of her shell. You guys made her feel comfortable and boy did she chatter on. Thanks again.