Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Making a cover for the dinghy motor

The next little project that I needed to do was to make a cover to protect the dinghy motor from the sun.

Duane obliged by lifting the 100 pound motor and mounting it on the railing.  This made it much easier to fit the cover (as opposed to doing it while the dinghy was in the water.)

This really wasn't that complicated since it doesn't need to fit snuggly.   It will be removed for each use.

So, I just used some more plastic to make a very vague outline and left plenty of room for error.

After several back-and-forth's into the nice, air-conditioned boat for fitting, this is the general shape of the bag.

Then I trimmed the bottom and sewed a casing all the way around the bottom for the drawstring.  I also made two button-holes for the drawstrings to "exit" the casing.  I thought this might protect the fabric as we tie/untie this bag over the years.

And there we have it - this should keep the motor cover clean and scuff-free for a while!

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