Monday, July 27, 2015

Another mini-vacation

Last week, I had wanted to head to this week, I got my way!

There was a small boat "regatta" in progress when we left Oriental.

About halfway to Ocracoke, we crossed paths with this small trimaran.  Neat looking boat - and fast!

It was a pretty long slog to Ocracoke - the wind was exactly on the nose, so we chose not to sail.  Plus there was a good amount of "swell" that slowed us down.  But, it was beautiful weather and comparatively cool.

We arrived a little after sunset.  I snapped this lovely photo of one of the "sunset cruises" that they run out of Ocracoke.   I think the patrons got their money's worth!

Approaching Ocracoke as the sun sets.

The next morning - all tucked in at the National Park Service docks!

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