Sunday, December 8, 2019

Whale Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas

Another fabulous day!

Ralph had a beach spot he wanted to check out a few miles away.  So we all got in the dinghies and headed over.

Ralph and Leslie.

Robert and Linda from Voyager.

Beautiful shallow "flats".

Getting water shoes on.

Ralph and Leslie.

Robert and Linda.

Leslie took this photo for me.

 We all wandered around, picking up pretty shells. 

Robert propped his Iphone in the sand and took this time-delay photo of the group.

 Back to the boats in the early afternoon.

We had a nice evening meal with the 3 couples on Now & Zen.

And Voyager left this morning to go north into the Berries.  We'll head south to Morgan's Bluff, Andros this afternoon.   We'll likely run into Voyager again sometime.

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  1. ...that looks like a pretty shallow place...the photos of you and the group are great!