Monday, December 2, 2019

Gun Cay to Bimini, Bahamas

We went for another snorkel in the morning, then stopped by a dock on the east side of Gun Cay where there was a group of rays swimming.  Here's a short video - I'm standing in waist deep water and the rays are just swimming around, looking for food that some folks are handing out (shrimp bits).  They swim up against you with their soft under-bellies.   Really weird feeling.

 And then a small nurse shark appeared....harmless (I hear).....

But our time on Gun Cay was limited - there will be some high winds tomorrow that we need protection from, so we sailed back to Bimini. 

Fished the whole way but not even a nibble!

Approaching Bimini.

Instead of paying for a marina, we are anchored in the protected north end of the island near an empty mega-yacht marina at the huge Hilton.

For dinner tonight, I made a cheesecake - first time on the boat.  It turned out good but the bottom scorched just a bit.  I have to tweak the small oven....

And Ralph pulled out a bottle of bubbly as a treat.  Another fun day.

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  1. ...the rays and sharks seem scary to careful!