Friday, July 19, 2019

More dinghy chaps, what else is there?

Man, it's still hot, hot, hot!!

Proceeding with the motor cover, I just cut out the sunbrella per the patterns with about 5/8" seam allowance added, just by eye.  Started the assembly.  I ended up ripping two of the seams out and re-doing.  Made for a nice snug-but loose enough fit.

Mostly assembled.  Ready for the bottom seam/pocket for the drawstring.

All done with reflective tape added.  The little dog-ears will have an elastic string attached for extra security.

Added reflective tape to the dinghy itself - incase we ever need to search for it with a spotlight!

Added this plaque - I will attach a long bag/pocket for our swim fins, etc.  (I haven't made that yet)

Getting closer to "splash"!

1 comment:

  1. ...they are both awesome...and so professional looking...the bag holder thingy will be handy...
    ...stay cool!