Saturday, July 20, 2019

Almost finished with the dinghy chaps!

I started the day with a "fail". 

If you'll remember on past dinghies, we've ordered this custom made registration number plate.  It costs $50....and I thought "I can make that" instead....

So, I printed out the numbers/letters using a large bold font, then carefully cut out the letters.

Traced backwards on the back of the vinyl and cut out the characters.  Thought they turned out really nice!

So here's my patch - ready to sew.  I changed to black thread since I thought it would be less "visible".

And here's the "fail".  I just could not control the sewing machine to make the turns easily.  The "walking foot" on this machine grabs the fabric with every stitch (which is very good when you've got heavy materials) but I tried several times and this is the best I could I'm calling it a fail and ordering the $50 plaques.

Next up is the bag for our swim fins/etc.  I just made a simple box using Phifertex material.  It will let the water easily escape when we store wet items.

The almost finished bag.

And this is where the bag will be in the dinghy.  We just need to put in the grommets and tie them in place. 

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  1. ...too bad about the numbers...but good try...and the little bag turned out neat!