Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Back to the dinghy chap project!

Man, it is hot!!!

Back to the dinghy project.....

I used masking tape and fabric markers to lay out where to sew the Naugahyde rub-rail protector strip.

Gives it a nice look and will keep the fabric from wearing when we are next to a dock.

Next up is some patches at the bow.  This is where we step onto the dinghy from the back of the boat and it gets a lot of wear.

Patches installed.

And in progress now - the cover for the outboard.  Just wrapped it up with paper.

And cut out the patterns.  I'll add seam allowances when I cut the Sunbrella fabric.  That's it for the 96 degree day!

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  1. The dinghy chaps look so professional...and I'm sure the motor cover will as well...