Friday, September 6, 2013

Sailing "home" from Ocracoke to Oriental

What's a good Pamlico Sound trip without more ferry photos??

And more fishing boat photos...

This is what the horizon looks like when you are sailing straight into a thunderstorm!!

I stashed the camera away because I knew we were going to get very wet and I didn't bring my waterproof camera enclosure.

At this point, we got busy and pulled in the sail and rode out two pretty severe storms.  There's really nothing you can do to avoid it - the boat just isn't fast enough to outrun the storm.  But, luckily, we didn't get hit by lightening and all the rain washed some of the dirt and salt water from the boat!  I saw winds of 55 knots on the wind-meter - and that was just when I was looking.....most of the time, we were just holding on to wood only - no metal in case of lightening strike!!

The sky cleared up a bit in between storms - passed by this barge....

And you can see a faint little rainbow in this photo as we approached Oriental.  A good trip!!!  Back to work now!

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