Thursday, September 5, 2013


Always have a blast at Ocracoke with Sharon and Buddy.  Plus joining the "Greenville folks" that have spent their Labor Day holidays at Ocracoke for years and years adds to the fun!

Had to hit the 3-5PM specials - enjoyed the peel and eat shrimp at Dajio's (used to be the Pelican) and 50 cent raw oysters at The Topless in a "topless oyster", haha.  Fabulous local oysters - yes, we're in an "r" month!  Oh, and the PBR tall-boys were $2 each!!

Shopping with the girls at Books to be Red bookstore.....I love to looks at the "suggested titles" books at bookstores.  This one was particularly intriguing - so I decided the best way to take their suggestions for later reading was to take a photo.  Now I can zoom in on the titles and I have a reading list for the next year or so (I've read several of the titles so I'm thinking "Heather" has similar taste to mine!)

The non-adventurous of the group (read that as the "lazy ones") met at the Jolly Rodger to wait on the energetic ones to paddle by....Emma on a paddle board in Silver Lake.

Sharon, Jeannine, and Luke on kayaks.

I've already done the kayak thing....I told Sharon that it was already crossed off my "bucket list" and that I didn't need a repeat.  She gave me grief for that statement!

Next up was the "Greenville Gang's" yearly picnic at the Pony Island Inn.  They always do a fabulous cookout - this time was no different.  It's so nice of them to let us join them!

Howard cooking some yummy corn!  He slathered it with butter and honey!

Shrimp boil - I didn't get a photo, but they bought fresh local sea-trout and fried it up with some good 'ole House Autry breading.  Absolutely the best fist ever!

The boys (Rich, Luke, Duane and Buddy) enjoyed many, many foosball games.  I think it was about a tie overall!

And finally, this nice young man, Gary took Sharon and I "clamming" out in the shallow water.  It was a hoot!  We were out for a couple of hours and came back with the bucket full of clams.  They're gonna be yummy!  That's about it for the Ocracoke visit.   Tomorrow is the sail back to Oriental.

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  1. What fun! so glad you clarified that about the topless bar...