Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pamlico Sailing Trip Continued - On to Ocracoke!

After the sun was up nicely and all the mosquitoes decided to go back to where-ever they decide to spend their days....we lifted the anchor and headed for Ocracoke.  Again, winds were good to start with - we were tickled when we spied a group of dolphin.  Finally, I managed to get a decent video!  Usually, the dolphin are a hundred feet away or they just surface once, so it's hard to get a photo.

Watch this short clip - it's taken from the back of the boat - scan out to see and directly adjacent to the boat.  You'll see several.  This went on for several minutes so we probably saw 20+ different dolphin.

Pretty cool!

After that excitement, it was just a lazy sail, then motoring down the channel into Ocracoke.   Cool fishing boat that we passed ....

A few of the channel markers had been moved recently due to shifting sand, but it was easy to navigate by sight (and using the binoculars!)  You know you're getting close when you pass the pretty little sandbar.

And there we are! Safe and sound at the National Park Service docks for a few days of fun and sun on Ocracoke Island!  Buddy and Sharon are meeting us here via the Hatteras ferry.

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  1. I love to see the dolphins...not up to close like at Tybee...then I wanted to get away from them...ha