Saturday, August 8, 2015

Storage for life jackets

We're required by the US Coast Guard to have life preservers readily available.  We've been storing them under the cockpit seats....but that takes up a lot of valuable storage space.

Duane suggested we store them under the fiberglass cockpit cover in the "rafters"......

So, we began designing on-the-fly.

Using the reinforced, plastic coated mesh....we measured and made the basic frame that would hold the life vests.

I had to protect all the edges - so made patches out of the same Sunbrella material left over from other projects.

Turned right-side-out and ready to sew in place.

Several hours later.....the entire thing is reinforced.

Next was putting grommets in for attachment points.

Almost finished!  Bungee cords hold it in place.

All filled up with the life vests!  The blue square is required by the US Coast Guard to be "ready to throw".....

And here's another view.  Nice to have them up, out of the way!

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  1. That's an awesome idea...and they look even more 'readily' available if needed...