Monday, August 10, 2015

Making boat bumper covers

Today's crafty project was to make some covers for our bumpers.  I know, you can buy them.....but they're "pricey" and I'm a cheapo!  Plus, they're super simple....

This all starts with our poker table.....I ordered some fabric from an Ebay person who had yards and yards of fabric that she had used to drape tables for some seminar.  It was the perfect green for a poker table cover. 

I ended up with many yards of the stuff for the outrageous price of $11.....

And I ran across the bag of extra cloth the other day and noticed that it was a very similar color to Sunbrella Persian Green!  

The fabric is just a jersey knit.  We'll have to see if it holds up - but if it doesn't, I'm just out a couple of hours labor.

Here's one of the bumpers (fenders)

I just started by draping the fabric and marking approximate measurements.

I made pockets  in each end for a small string.  Nothing had to be too exact because it's stretchy! 

Then re-measured around the bumper just to make sure....then sewed up the "sock" leaving the pockets for the string free.

Used one of Duane's fids to push the string thru the pockets.

All done!!

Pretty simple!  We only use these when we're at docks when we're away from Pecan Grove.  Our slip at Pecan Grove is wide and we don't need bumpers, so these will be stowed most of the time.

We also have a really big bumper....comes in handy when the winds are really strong.  As you can see, it's been up against some nasty pilings.....

Same process for it - doesn't that look nice???

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  1. They all look very nice and matchy-matchy...and I think I need one of those fid tools...