Saturday, June 27, 2015

Next project....sewing a cover for the dinghy

Get ready for monotonous posts with me cussing......I ordered a new heavy duty sewing machine:

This sewing machine was well-reviewed to be able to sew quadruple seamed denim - so it should be able to do what I need.  My original sewing machine I got in college is just not up to it.

The upcoming project -  "dinghy chaps" - 

The dinghy will be exposed to constant sun - so a good way to protect it is to sew "chaps" that cover the inflated pontoons.

Here is an example (stolen from another sailboat blog) -

There's no pattern for this - you have to make your own to fit around all the handles and rings.  I read that sane people do not attempt this.  

I called to inquire about a professionally made cover at Inner Banks Sails (the sail maker in Oriental that has done some repair work for us).  She laughed - literally laughed and said "it will cost you more than the dinghy is worth to have us make them for you"!   Then she said - "alternately, you can go to South America where labor is really cheap and have some made for less than $1000".  And she laughed again. 

So, I've read and read about it - and I'm going to attempt it. 

It's raining - my excuse for not starting yet!

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  1. Funny excuse...I'm sure you'll be always...that's a really neat machine too!