Monday, March 23, 2015

Getting the dinghy ready to go!

We've had the dinghy rolled up, stored in one of the spare berths.  No need for a dinghy when it's cold and blustery!

But we had ordered the nice, new NC registration number placards.  (It was never registered, so we needed to add the numbers per the NC Wildlife rules).

I did the work in the clubhouse....since the fancy glue required "between 65 and 77 degrees" for proper curing.  No chance of those temps this weekend!!

Ready to inflate.

 Halfway inflated.  I just needed the front inflated for that application of the number placard.  The dinghy has several "compartments" to fill with air.

Masking the area for the placard.

One placard for each side.

The area had to be abraded with sandpaper and acetone to make sure a good "bond" was accomplished.

And there you have it - a NC legal dinghy!

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