Friday, January 2, 2015

Making my own Captain's Chair Cover

The Captain's chair on this boat is exposed to the elements and needs something to cover it....

I had bought this outdoor furniture cover at Walmart on a ridiculous clearance price of $5 many years ago.  I knew that the huge amount of fabric was worth a lot more than that and knew I would someday have a use for it.  So it's been in a closet waiting for just the right project!  You have that kind of stuff, don't you?

I cut it apart into large strips.  And here began the fittin process.

 My workstation in the cockpit!  I bought a spool of heavy duty thread to make it more durable.

First seams.

I  made a large hem thinking I'd put in a drawstring.  I pulled a "pilot string" thru - but found that the "rubbery" inside of the fabric made it too tough to pull a drawstring properly.

 So, I decided to sew in some cordage just to make ties.

And there we are - a Captain's chair that will be free from rain and sunshine when not in use!  All for about $7!

 And in case you guys think Duane is eating bonbons while I'm working.....he's doing some wonderful new plumbing!

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  1. That's an awesome...and frugal chair cover...and of course I did not thing that Duane was sitting on his bonbons HA!...