Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Splicing Dock Line using a Fid

We needed some more dock lines for Island Girl since you need extras when you travel away from your home slip. If we have extras, we can just leave the dock lines permanently situated on our home slip. We had ALOT of line left from Glory Days. We had replaced about 200' of anchor rode a few years ago. That line is perfect for dock lines. The only problem is, you don't want to just tie knots in it - that's not very seaman-ly! Duane already knew how to splice line and he thought it would be a good skill for me to have also!

First you take the line and mark where you want the "loop" to end.

Then you untwist a foot or so of the end on the line.

Then you just start feeding the single lines thru the main line in a particular order.  I will say, this is not that easy!!!  very confusing figuring out which line to feed in which direction! 

The metal "needle" you see is called a fid.  It just helps route the single lines thru the tight twisted line.  Duane made this one out of an old tent pole.

First braid done.

And just continue!!

To end the splice, you just snip the ends close and melt with a lighter to seal against fraying.

Up close.

And on the deck ready for use!

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