Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Introducing The Tobago!! Island Girl

We found a neat boat at a good price listed on the Deaton Yacht Sales website in Oriental.  What could be better?  No long distance handling of the boat haul-out/inspection or crazy week long journey to bring a boat back home.

Here she is - "Island Girl" ! 

We still have to have the boat hauled out of the water and inspected (called a survey for boats) on Monday of next week.  The certified surveyor will give us a report of anything that is wrong with the boat.  If all is well, the purchase will be closed rapidly.  If there are problems, we'll have to negotiate with the seller to have it fixed.   Our preliminary walkthru indicated that the boat is in reasonable shape. 

Nice Yanmar diesel engines,  air conditioning/heat, decent navigational equipment, good sails, and strangely a central vacuum system!  Oh, and an electric head (potty) so we won't have to pump the water manually to flush!  (Probably more info than you wanted!)  Oh, and dinghy davits that will hold the dinghy out of the water so we don't have to tug it behind the boat.  Can you tell I'm excited???

This is the main "salon" area. 

In no particular order as I wandered around the boat....

Navigation displays

Closeup of the galley area - nicely laid-out.

One of the three berths.  (The cockpit cushions are leaned up to the right.)

Captains chair and cockpit seating.

This won't mean much to you unless you've fought with screens to keep the mosquitos out of the cabin! This boat has nice tight fitting screens and cool shades that you can pull over each of the hatches to keep the sun and prying eyes away!

Different view in the salon.

Nice cockpit table.

Lots of seating for the "crew"!

Port side/aft compartment - amazing amount of extra space!

And nice size head (bathroom)....OK - I'll stop.  Can you tell I'm excited????


  1. Very Nice!! Maybe we can take another sail with you and check it out. MOM

  2. Of course you can!!! And this one doesn't heel over so everyone rides in comfort!!!!